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Flirting With The Enemy

Some people are difficult to understand, let’s call them Wildcards.  You read relationship blogs on advice, but you still feel like you are hitting your head against a wall trying to figure out how they feel about you. The best thing you can do in the situation with a Wildcard is play it cool.  Wildcards…

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There are Two I’s in Relationship

For people in Western culture, individualism is a high value that we carry.  Sometimes maybe too much.  I have seen countless couples that practice the same kind of selfishness in a relationship that they did when they were single. Valuing your individualism and others is important, but treating another person as if they don’t deserve…

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The Relationship Diet

Just because one diet works well for someone else, doesn’t guarantee that it will work well for you. Today’s explosion of diet fads and quick fixes, leads us to believe 2 things: 1. If it is working for someone else, it will be the answer to our problems 2. A quick fix is all we…

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