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The Faux Bad Boy vs the BAD BOY

The Fake Bad Boy is someone who probably really is a player.  What he lacks is self-respect.  He uses multiple girls to, basically do what Ann Hathaway says in Love and other Drugs, “get away from the pain of being himself.”  He probably also drinks too much (ladies, careful that link was for the men) and isn’t extremely…

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Do You Think My Tractor is Sexy?

Honestly, not really.  However, that doesn’t mean that you should stop driving it.  Time and time again I see people give up something they love or something in their life for a new relationship or person.  Giving up something you love can make the other party feel like you are willing to do anything, which…

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Relationship Tune-Up

Relationships aren’t easy.  I have said that before.   They take work, and two people go through trials and tribulations.  In the end, you get the luxury of going through those times with someone else, and not alone.  Just like a job, there are days when we want to be there, and days when we don’t.  We…

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