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The “Other” In An Affair

When we talk about the “other” person in the affair, we often have no sympathy for someone who is willing to come in the middle of a relationship.  Maybe we shouldn’t have any, however if you have ever been the “other” person in an extramarital affair or with someone who is in an exclusive relationship,…

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Starbucks Ate My Child’s Innocence

My morning began with reading “Emotional Intelligence” by Daniel Goleman.  Then it brought me, here, to Starbucks where I pulled Daniel Amen’s “Change Your Brain, Change Your Life” from the shelf of the accompanying Barnes and Nobel store.  I was reading to prepare for a blog about positive psychology and how to overcome melancholy when…

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The 5-10 Minute Rule

This is a rule that I have talked about with friends before.  This is a quick rule and it weeds out the shady from the non-shady people.  Here is the rule: If someone you are talking to does not tell you within the first 5-10 minutes that they have a girlfriend or boyfriend (if they…

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